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Marvl Mobile App

Sometimes we like to take a few risks and to set new standards and to strive for new limits within our concepts. This helps keep our designers on their toes and it helps them to hone their craft. One of these concepts was the Marvl Mobile App, which was perhaps our boldest and most vibrant creation to date.

A different shade of music

Apps need to look professional and eye-catching if they are to be successful, and we feel we were able to achieve this with the Marvl Mobile App. For people looking to manage and rule their music libraries, all from their fingertips, this app was perfect. Our design department worked tirelessly to create a music streaming service which contained millions upon millions of tracks, and countless artists from all corners of the Earth. The light colour scheme, combined with the neat layout and minimalistic UX style meant that we were able to deliver the ultimate music experience designed to bring music lovers together through the power of music. This concept was so popular that it was recently featured on the world-famous Adobe platform ‘behance’ in the interaction category, and that is certainly no small feat.


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